"Taste the best sweet bar in town"

Roasting groundnuts to its highest levels and mixing with carefully created palm jaggery paste is an art in itself. A seasoned master creates each mix with the enthusiasm of a child. It is a mindful meditative process. Cutting them into smaller bars is a happy part considered as the gift of hard labor.


Palm Jaggery Groundnut Bar

2 Nos of 250 gms | INR 250/-


Palm Jaggery Groundnut Bar

4 Nos of 125 gms | INR 255/-

"Explore unique sweet balls in town"

Hot mix of palm jaggery, roasted nuts and/or other ingredients are taken out in clean hands and rolled into balls. As the heat from the ingredients touches the hand, our master cooks can declare the taste of the mix. Each ball is rolled and then allowed to cool. The crispiness in each ball is calculated and meditated.


Groundnut Sweet Ball

2 Nos of 120 gms | INR 220/-


White Sesame Sweet Ball

2 Nos of 90 gms | INR 245/-


Black Sesame Sweet Ball

2 Nos of 90 gms | INR 240/-


"Gift best Sweets boxes for your occasions"

When in doubt, choose all. All are good, so why choose just one. This gift box is a collection of all our sweets. A gift box is a way of sharing your love and care with your dears. By choosing MotherWay sweets, you are choosing good health and good memories for your people. Let us spread love and peace.


All In One
Combo Gift Pack

700 gms | INR 475 /-

Includes: Palm Jaggery groundnut bar - 250g, Palm jaggery groundnut balls -120g, Black sesame Balls-90g, White sesame Balls-90g & groundnut bar singles -30g


Sweet Pack

50 Nos of 30 gm Packs | INR 900 /-

Includes: 50 numbers of 30g palm jaggery ground nut sweet bar along with ‘Best Wishes’ and ‘Thank You’ stickers to stick according to your purpose.


Childhood Memory
Assorted Sweet Pack

300 gms | INR 150/-

Includes: Collection of 5 varieties of childhood sweets from 1980s. Most of these sweets are prepared with age old recipes in traditional way.