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Just two decades before, the sweetness of good traditional sweet was abundant. Makers were many, ingredients were better and people were simpler. With time, fancy packaged flavor loaded, preservative filled, machine made sweets took over. The team in MotherWay were kids two decades back. We have craved, enjoyed and grew up amidst the traditional sweets. Young children of today are unaware of that taste. Grown up children have it in memory, but could not find it anywhere. It is our earnest desire and eagerness to bring back the traditional sweets resulted in starting this sweet journey called 'MotherWay'.

It took us loads of homework and legwork to travel and find very authentic people and their ingredients. We were more introduced and motivated to join the bandwagon of sucrose filled, vanilla essenced tradition looking sweets. We refrained. We knew, we are not going to make just sweets. We were seeking truth in taste. We were determined to take the forgotten path. The path of purity in product, process and the mind.

With much joy, we are now making what we wanted to make. Palm Jaggery, Peanut, Sesame, Cardamon, Dry ginger are our main ingredients. We are grateful to the farmers who supply these to us in impeccable quality. Storing each of these is a traditional practice on its own. None of these are processed in big machines. We process them in clay ovens custom designed by fine masters in the field. There is a touch of native soil in each of the processes. Taste can not be separated to one ingredient or one process; It is the water supplied to the peanut plant to the soil used in roasting the nut; everything contributes to the magical taste of pure palm jaggery sweets we make.

"Join us in sharing abundant love with nature."