The magic of MotherWay lies in the human touch.They say that touch has healing powers.
Back in the days, sweets and snacks made by our mothers and grandmothers tasted special not just because they were prepared with years of experience and lots of love, but also because they were entirely handmade.
All of our sweets and snacks are also handmade. The sweet balls that are symbolic of the shape of Mother Earth, are lovingly rolled by the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons of MotherWay. In that human touch, lies the secret of our taste.
Black Sesame has been a popular part of our diet because of it’s high protein content. With palm jaggery added to it, you get a delicious crunchy and healthy sweet. Apart from containing Calcium and Magnesium, black sesame is also rich in Vitamin B, Iron and Zinc, which boost your immunity and help balance your body weight.
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Palm Jaggery Black Sesame Seed Bar (each 25g approx – 21bars – Weight 700g)

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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 28 × 12 × 6.5 cm